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The Claire - Corrective Skincare Studio
Office: 510.350.8961   Mobile: 415.793.5521   Email:   6315 Thornhill Dr., Oakland, CA 94611
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" I am so thrilled with the results I am getting from regular treatments at The Claire with Kim Kennedy! When I turned 40 this year, I started worrying more about my skin (fine wrinkles, several dark spots, dryness) and how I wasn't really taking care of it. I didn't know what I should be doing to protect it and make it look more youthful, and I was totally overwhelmed with all the "anti-aging" products out there and the conflicting advice I read in magazines. I had no clue where to start or what I should be using.

Kim came to my rescue! At our first consultation we discussed what products I had been using and what my goals are, and then she evaluated my skin. She recommended several medical-strength products for me to use and a skin care regimen that has really been working for me. I love that she gives me written instructions for morning and evening of which products to use and in what order to put them on — she makes it so easy! I have noticed a big difference since I've been following her recommendations: my dark spots are really fading and my skin is glowing!

I am also getting regular facials every few weeks with Kim. She does a variety of different peels and masks and also microdermabrasion. She changes it up each time, customizing my treatment plan to what she determines my skin needs. I have total confidence in her skills. I love that she thoroughly explains what each product is that she puts on me, and what it does, in a way I can understand. She is very knowledgable and up to date on all the latest anti-aging research and ingredients. And, she truly is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She is kind, caring and gentle. I trust her completely and give her my highest recommendation!

Her studio is cozy, soothing and spa-like, and her treatment bed is incredibly comfy. I feel pampered, relaxed, and happy every time I visit. Having Kim take care of my skin regularly is paying off -- my skin is healthy and well-hydrated and it feels so soft and smooth. I've gotten several compliments on my skin lately (which I never got before) and I owe it all to Kim!"

"The Claire provided the most personalized service I've ever experienced. I loved the consultative approach - we thoroughly discussed what I was hoping to achieve and what the most effective treatment would be. And the results were amazing: in just two visits, the change in my skin was amazing! And one of my favorite parts has been the follow-up - I'm usually helpless with any sort of skin regimen, but The Claire provided me with specific instructions, and products carefully selected and even in some instances created specifically for my skin needs! All in all, an absolutely spectacular experience!"
Cindy Murphy,
Claire Patron